Crash Course: Statistics #36 - Machine Learing
Crash Course

We’ve talked a lot about modeling data and making inferences about it, but today we’re going to look towards the future at how machine learning is being used to build models to predict future outcomes.

Crash Course: Statistics #37 - Unsupervised Learning
Crash Course

Today we’re going to discuss how machine learning can be used to group and label information even if those labels don’t exist.

Siemens STEM Day: Can Machines Learn?
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will explore a variety of real-world applications of machine learning and use the information to consider the potential advantages and disadvantages that come along with it.

Flash Forward: Our Father, Who Art in Algorithm
Flash Forward

In this episode, we travel to a future where a tech mogul feeds a machine learning system all the religious texts he can find, and asks it to generate a “super religion.”

Science Rules!
Science Rules!

Ashley Llorens, Chief of the Intelligent Systems Center at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, joins us to talk about intelligence of the human-type and the machine-type, and what it will take for machines to get up to speed.

Short Wave: What Does A Healthy Rainforest Sound Like?
Short Wave (NPR)

On a rapidly changing planet, there are many ways to measure the health of an ecosystem. Can sound be one of them?

Tech for Tomorrow: The Tech for Global Good - AI Inclusiveness
Tech for Tomorrow

How can we diversify the field of artificial intelligence?

STEM Careers Coalition: Machine Learning
STEM Careers Coalition

How can AI systems contribute to problem-solving?