Ologies: Saurology (LIZARDS) with Earyn McGee

Saurologist and professional lizard scientist Earyn McGee visits Alie to go on a little lizard hunt, then they hunkes down to chat about everything from tiny chameleons to drooling dragons, venomous thiccbois, legless lizards, geckos’ antigravity grip, festering dragon mouths, gila monster sightings, close encounters with lions, tangles of snoozy lizards, virgin births, and blood shooting from eyeballs.

Ologies: Thermophysiology (BODY HEAT) with Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton

Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton, host of the Biology of Superheroes Podcast and Thermophysiologist talks about big animals vs. little ones, lizard storms, dinosaur blood, hibernating bears, why you sweat in your sleep, antifreeze frogs, miracle hamsters, why different people run at very different temperatures, how comic books influence the way he sees science, learning how his brain works and some time management hacks that he uses as a professor and host of an amazing podcast.

Tohono Chul @ Home: Lizard Facts
Tohono Chul

Lizards are one of the biggest, most diverse and widespread groups of reptiles found on Earth.