DK Find Out! Life in Space

The first people to go into space only went up for short trips to see what it was like.

Space Station Explorers: "A Beautiful Planet" Educator Resource Guide
Space Station Explorers

Embark on an awe-inspiring trip around our world through the eyes of astronauts on the ISS.

DreamUp: Grass in Space

Here’s an easy experiment you can do to see the differences in how plants grow on Earth compared to how they grow in microgravity on the International Space Station.

DreamUp: Density in Space

Do you know why things float in space? It might not be why you think!

DreamUp: Water Tube

If you’ve ever poured out a cup of water, wrung out a towel, or sprayed something with a hose, you’ve observed how water acts here on Earth.

DreamUp: Astronaut in a Bottle

It’s common misperception that everything is floating on the International Space Station because there’s no gravity. This is a myth! 

Genes in Space: DNA Sequencing
Genes in Space

Learn  about DNA analysis techniques and ongoing space biology research.

StarTalk: Spaceward Bound

After sending NASA astronauts into low-Earth orbit for 30 years, the Space Shuttle program is over. How will we now make the great leap into space?

Crash Course Kids: Everything Revolves Around You - Episode 22.1
Crash Course Kids

In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks to us about how these things work and why we don’t need to worry about the moon colliding with us.