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How It Works
How It Works

How It Works’ expert explanations, dynamic cutaways and breathtaking images help its eager audience to understand and explore the wonders of the modern world.

DK Find Out! Science

Find out facts and try some quizzes about the science and technology all around us, famous scientists and their discoveries, and inventions that changed the world.

Science Rules! The Hidden Inventors Who Changed the World
Science Rules!

She explains how seemingly modest inventions like glass, the pocket watch, and the telegraph have transformed us all.

Short Wave: Lightbulbs Strike Back
Short Wave (NPR)

Humans have a long history of inventions that shape the world around us: electricity, telephones, computers, music — the list goes on. But as Ainissa Ramirez explains in her new book, The Alchemy of Us, those inventions are shaping us, too.