Khan Academy: Computers and the Internet
Khan Academy

Learn the basics of how computers and the Internet work in these videos from our friends at

Flash Forward: POWER - Mothers Against Digital Danger
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where a coalition of concerned mothers convinces the United States to shut off the Internet.

Tech for Tomorrow: Netbuilder - Information Transfer
Tech for Tomorrow

Students must teach others about how information is transferred over the Internet.

Tech for Tomorrow: The Tech for Global Good - Organizing Activism
Tech for Tomorrow

How can those without internet access come together to create change?

STEM Careers Coalition: Virtual Adventure
STEM Careers Coalition

How can you travel the world (without leaving home)?

STEM Careers Coalition: Left to Your Own Devices
STEM Careers Coalition

How many days of your life will you spend on social media?

STEM Careers Coalition: T.H.I.N.K. Before you Post!
STEM Careers Coalition

Why is it important to think before you post something online?