Pest World for Kids
Pest World for Kids

Junior entomologists in grades K – 8 will discover fun information and learning activities, such as pest guides, a pest glossary, report writing center, science fair projects and interactive quizzes.

DK Find Out! Insects

From beautiful butterflies to buzzing mosquitoes, insects are the most successful animals on Earth.

But Why?: Where Does The Sky End?
But Why?

Where is the border between sky and space?

California Academy of Sciences: Go Bug!
California Academy of Sciences

Ever played the card game Go Fish? If you know the rules, you can easily learn how insects undergo the stages of metamorphosis to become an adult.

California Academy of Sciences: Invent an Insect
California Academy of Sciences

In this activity, students will learn what an insect is and what some of their adaptations are.

California Academy of Sciences: Nature Play - Insect Investigation
California Academy of Sciences

Encourage kids to directly engage with nature through investigation and observation, in a safe and supportive environment.