Science News for Students: Explainer - What are Antibodies?
Science News for Students

The body makes this chemical ammo to fight foreign invaders — now and later.

Science Rules! Coronavirus: Should We Let People Get Infected?
Science Rules!

If we want to achieve herd immunity to COVID-19, is the shortcut just to mingle without wearing masks, get a lot of us sick — and let a lot of people die?

Science Rules! Coronavirus: Being Comfortable with Uncertainty
Science Rules!

Virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen answers questions about what happens when we get COVID-19, the role immunity and how small scientific discoveries will be the key to understanding this disease.

The Vaccine Makers Project: The Adaptive Immune System
The Vaccine Makers Project

Students learn about the specific nature of responses generated by the adaptive immune system.

The Vaccine Makers Project: Development of Disease and Infection
The Vaccine Makers Project

Students explore the constant battle between pathogens and the immune system, focusing particularly on the different ways that pathogens adapt to overcome the immune system.

The Vaccine Makers Project: How Do Antibodies Work?
The Vaccine Makers Project

This video profiles antibodies, the human immune system’s ultimate weapon.