Events Great Dane Puppy Nursery (Service Dog Project)

Meet the newest service dogs in training! Great Danes Main House Cam (Service Dog Project)

Welcome to the main house cam at the Service Dog Project (SDP) in Ipswich, Massachusetts, where Great Danes are trained as service dogs for people living with disabilities. Great Danes Outdoor Kennel (Service Dog Project)

This live cam provides a view of the Service Dog Project’s outdoor kennel area, where future service dogs play with each other and the guests who come to visit. Great Danes Puppy Hill (Service Dog Project)

The puppy hill cam at the Service Dog Project in Massachusetts shows an outside view of the kennels where Great Dane puppies are trained to support people with disabilities. Great Dane Indoor Puppy Room (Service Dog Project)

Check out life on the inside of the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Great Dane Training Arena (Service Dog Project)

Here you’ll see future service dogs learn skills, play, and lounge.