OLogy: The Quest for the Perfect Tomato
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Find out how scientists are using genetics to change the food you eat.

Flash Forward: The Carbon Gene
Flash Forward

When it comes to climate change, there are a lot of researchers already thinking about how to equip crops and food animals with genes to help them withstand heat and parched conditions.

Science Rules! OMG, GMOs!
Science Rules!

Former CTO of Monsanto Dr. Robb Fraley who helped develop the very first genetically modified seeds joins us to discuss the science behind GMOs and he answers questions from listeners, including one from Emma who asks, “Do GMOs have the ability to alter the DNA of the organisms that consume them?”.

Short Wave: Too Much Of A Good Thing - The Cautionary Tale of Biotech Crops
Short Wave (NPR)

NPR food and agriculture correspondent Dan Charles explains the rise and potential fall of Bt crops, and what happens when farmers use too much of a good thing.