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Find out amazing facts and try some quizzes all about planet Earth, from the highest mountains to the longest rivers, the deepest oceans, and the largest deserts.

Ologies: Cryoseismology (ICEQUAKES) with Celeste Labedz

CalTech Cryoseismologist Celeste Labedz sometimes wears a cape with her snowpants and spends part of her career shooting explosions into giant chunks of ice and recording the seismic activity, analyzing the rivers that flow through glaciers, and keeping tabs on glacial melt.

California Academy of Sciences: Differing Densities - Fresh and Salt Water
California Academy of Sciences

We know that melting glaciers lead to sea level rise, but what else?

California Academy of Sciences: Evidence of Plate Tectonics
California Academy of Sciences

Evidence from fossils, glaciers, and complementary coastlines helps reveal how plates once fit together.