DK Find Out! Forces and Motion

Learn about force, weight and mass, gravity, laws of motion, pressure, friction, and more.

Steve Spangler Science: Cork in a Wine Bottle Challenge
Steve Spangler Science

f a cork falls into the bottom of a wine bottle (accidentally or on purpose), how can you get it out without ruining the cork, the bottle, or both?

Steve Spangler Science: Coin Tower
Steve Spangler Science

Use stacked coins as an immaculate kids’ science demonstration in inertia, friction, and movement.

Steve Spangler Science: Newton's Bottle (Dollar Bill Inertia Trick)
Steve Spangler Science

You reveal the inertia portion of Newton’s First Law of Motion with paper money, a few coins, and two soda bottles.

Steve Spangler Science: Whip Off the Tablecloth Trick
Steve Spangler Science

Yanking a tablecloth out from under food and dishes is easy… if you listen to Sir Isaac Newton.

Steve Spangler Science: Spinning Match - Table Trick
Steve Spangler Science

he science of static electricity and friction makes this matchstick rotate.

Steve Spangler Science: CD Hovercraft
Steve Spangler Science

Here’s a miniature, homemade version of a hovercraft that rides on a very thin cushion of air.

Steve Spangler Science: Ping Pong Popper
Steve Spangler Science

Blast a ball with the powerful pop of the Ping Pong Popper.

Steve Spangler Science: Inseparable Books
Steve Spangler Science

Friction makes two notebooks, intertwined by their pages, impossible to pull apart!