SciShow Psych: You Can Inherit Fear?
SciShow Psych

Everyone is afraid of something, and traditionally, we’ve thought that fears are learned.

SciShow Psych: Why You're More Afraid of Sharks Than Cows
SciShow Psych

Tons of people are afraid of sharks, but the reasons have a lot more to do with how our brains deal with risk than anything to do with these super cool sea critters

Outside Podcast: The Switch in Your Brain That Turns Down Stress

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a technique that would allow us to vanquish fear and beat back stress? There just might be.

Ologies: Fearology (FEAR) Pt. 1 with Mary Poffenroth

This real life FEAROLOGIST (which is a real word) talks about how fear is literally killing you, the difference between stress and fear, how to get along with your co-workers, friends, or partner better, and how to talk to your brain when it has needlessly pulled the fire alarm. Part 1 of a 2-part series that will honestly change your life.

Ologies: Fearology (FEAR) Pt. 2 with Mary Poffenroth

Learn how super successful people approach fear, Mary Poffenroth’s scariest hour, plus answers to all of your questions about night terrors, self-spookery, sharks’ bad PR image to how likely it is that a snake will bite your butt. Plus: the best thing about following your passions in life.

Short Wave: When A Listener Calls...
Short Wave (NPR)

On this Short Wave, Andy from Grand Rapids, Michigan, asks why some people seek out scary experiences.