The Kennedy Center: Get Dramatic - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The Kennedy Center

How do visual and theater arts convey issues about the environment?

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining - Minimalist Mining
Freeport - McMoRan

In this activity, students investigate the impact of mining on the environment.

Crash Course Kids: Living Things Change - Episode 41.1
Crash Course Kids

Have you ever heard of the Peppered Moth? It’s a great example of how living things can change because their environment has changed.

Crash Course Kids: How to Get Resources - Picky Pineapples - Episode#2.2
Crash Course Kids

In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about how humans get the resources we need to survive, even though those resources may come from a long way away.

Crash Course Kids: Big Changes in the Big Apple - Episode 38.1
Crash Course Kids

In this episode, Sabrina chats about how humans have been changing our environments for a long time!

OLogy: Ask a Scientist About Our Environment
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Museum scientists answer kids’ questions!

Iluminations: Graphing Trash Material
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

In this lesson, students participate in activities in which they investigate the data in connection with recyclable materials and develop plans to help the environment.