OdySea Aquarium: Rivers of the World
OdySea Aquarium

Students will be able to describe relationships among living organisms in an environment and discuss water conservation.

OdySea Aquarium: Carousel of the Living Sea
OdySea Aquarium

Students will understand the structure and function of fish, sea turtles, seals and sea lions and will compare and contrast biomes.

Arizona Game and Fish Department: Focus Wild Arizona Activity Sheets - Symbiotic Relationships
Arizona Game and Fish Department

John Muir, well-known author and naturalist, once wrote, “Tug on anything at all and you’ll find it connected to everything else in the universe.” But what did he mean? 

Future Engineers: Future Creatures Challenge
Future Engineers

Your challenge is to pick a vertebrate animal living in a tropical rainforest and draw/illustrate/predict how it may look in the future due to long term effects of climate change (think thousands of years … or more!).

ENTRIES DUE: February 10, 2021 | 11:59 PM PST

Crash Course Kids: Food Webs -Episode 21.2
Crash Course Kids

Last time we put a Polar Bear in the desert and we still feel bad about that, but there’s a lot more going on in ecosystems than just temperature.

OdySea Aquarium: Rivers of the World
OdySea Aquarium

Students will demonstrate knowledge of abiotic and biotic factors surrounding rivers as well as the unique animals that can be found in various river habitats such as Alligator Gar, Asian Small Clawed Otters, Amazon River Dolphins and more.

Crash Course Kids: Climate Change - Episode 41.2
Crash Course Kids

In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina shows us the effects that climate change can have and how one small change in an ecosystem can throw everything off.

Ologies: Urban Rodentology (SEWER RATS) with Bobby Corrigan

Learn about rats’ origin story, the difference between a rat and a mouse, where they live, their preferred “food dialects,” and how to (hopefully humanely) keep one out of your house — or car? Might as well start to love and respect them, because we’re not-too-distantly related and one day… they may be steering the ship. 

Crash Course Kids: Living Things Change - Episode 41.1
Crash Course Kids

Have you ever heard of the Peppered Moth? It’s a great example of how living things can change because their environment has changed.

Short Wave: After A Whale Dies, What Happens?
Short Wave (NPR)

Whale carcasses — known as “whale falls” — become an energy-rich habitat, drawing a wide variety of organisms from across the deep sea to feast. Whale falls become ecosystems unto themselves.

Crash Course Kids: H2O-NO! - Fresh Water Problems - Episode 33.1
Crash Course Kids

In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about ecosystems and how one small change can lead to a cascade effect in the entire ecosystem.

Raptor Resource Project: What’s On The Menu?
Raptor Resource Project

Students will study the diet of bald eagles at the Decorah North Nest.