PBS Kids: Wild Kratts Creature Math
PBS Kids

Creature Math helps children practice addition and subtraction as they create their very own animal habitat, filled with cool creature pals!

ABCya! Molly's More or Less Quest

This educational activity provides word problems with manipulatives for kids to practice comparing more or less.

PBS Kids: Cyberchase 3D Builder
PBS Kids

Bumbling bots Buzz and Delete accidentally zapped the houses in Botopolis totally flat. Help rebuild the town by turning 2D shapes into 3D structures.

ABCya! Money Bingo

Money BINGO is a fun and educational game for kids to practice counting money.

The Kennedy Center: Lessons & Activities
The Kennedy Center

Arts-centered, standards-based resources for in and out of school

ABCya! Marble Math Addition

Addition with manipulatives.

ABCya! Monster Mansion Number Match

Monster Mansion Number Match is a fun matching game for kids to practice numbers and counting.

PBS Kids Games App
PBS Kids

The PBS KIDS Games app offers nearly 200 educational games, which can be downloaded for offline play anytime, anywhere.

ABCya! Base Ten Bingo

Base Ten BINGO is a fun educational learning activity for children to practice counting by one’s, ten’s, hundred’s and thousand’s.

ABCya! Number Bingo

Number BINGO is a fun way for children to review numbers 1-100.

PBS Kids: The Cat in the Hat Invents
PBS Kids

Build a robot and immerse your kids in STEM learning!

ABCya! Base 10 Fun

Base Ten Fun helps kids understand place value, addition and subtraction through the use of virtual manipulatives.