SciShow Psych: Why Is It So Hard to Remember Things Right Now?
SciShow Psych

If you feel like you’ve been more forgetful than normal recently, you’re definitely not alone.

SciShow Psych: Alcoholism - How Much Is Too Much?
SciShow Psych

An excessive amount of alcohol can cause lots of problems, but lots of people drink fairly regularly without any of these problems. So, how do you know when you drink too much?

SciShow Psych: Why Dancing Is So Helpful for Parkinson's
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For millions of people with Parkinson’s disease, movement becomes much harder.

SciShow Psych: 'Tis The Season for Snuggles - The Psychology of Cuffing Season
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It’s wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, which means cold weather, shorter days, and… new relationships?

SciShow Psych: The Science Behind the Pimple Popping Phenomenon
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For some reason, popping pimples gives many people a satisfying rush – but why?

Ologies: Molecular Neurobiology (BRAIN CHEMICALS) with Dr. Crystal Dilworth

Dr. Crystal Dilworth, aka Dr. Brain, stops by to have a spirited discussion about how chemical messengers change our moods and behaviors.

Short Wave: Is This Love? Or Am I Gonna Fight A Lion?
Short Wave (NPR)

Ever wonder what’s causing all those reactions in your body when you’re falling in love with someone? We certainly did.