DK Find Out! Dogs

The dog family belongs to the group of meat-eating mammals called carnivores.

Brains On! Barks, Growls, Meows and Purrs: Translating Cats and Dogs
Brains On!

This episode brings you a slew of dog and cat mystery sounds to puzzle over.

But Why?: Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?
But Why?

Whiskers help dogs move around in low light and are useful because they rely on their noses more than their eyes.

Ologies: Cynology (DOGS) with Brandon McMillan

Alie sits down with “Lucky Dog” host Brandon McMillan, who cares more about saving shelter mutts than he does about the 3 Daytime Emmys he’s won for doing it.

The Adaptors: Dogs in the Forest
The Adaptors

Dogs evolved in response to environmental changes tens of millions of years ago.