Science News for Students: New Risk From Too Much Screentime
Science News for Students

Teens — and everyone else, it seems — spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting, a new survey finds

SciShow Psych: Why Is It So Hard to Remember Things Right Now?
SciShow Psych

If you feel like you’ve been more forgetful than normal recently, you’re definitely not alone.

SciShow Psych: Why Do Depression and Anxiety Go Together?
SciShow Psych

Even though depression and anxiety are different types of disorders, they tend to go together. But why can it happen?

SciShow Psych: Heads-Up - Depression Isn't the Only Postpartum Disorder
SciShow Psych

Having a kid does some weird things to the brain, and that can lead to or aggravate all kinds of psychiatric conditions.

SciShow Psych: What Do We Actually Know About Depression? Compilation
SciShow Psych

We’ve put together some of our episodes about depression to hopefully help you understand more about it.

SciShow Psych: Harlow's Horrifying Monkey Experiments
SciShow Psych

Dr. Harry Harlow’s rhesus monkey experiments in the 1950s contributed a great deal to psychologists’ understanding of attachment theory.

Science Vs: Exercise - Fat Buster or Belly Flop?
Science Vs

This week, we tackle the power of exercise and why you should bother.

Science Vs: Magic Mushrooms - Trip Through the Science
Science Vs

How can taking a trip on psychedelics fix your brain?

Ologies: Molecular Neurobiology (BRAIN CHEMICALS) with Dr. Crystal Dilworth

Dr. Crystal Dilworth, aka Dr. Brain, stops by to have a spirited discussion about how chemical messengers change our moods and behaviors.