Mathalicious: Bottled Water

In this lesson, students use the volume and surface area of cylinders to compare disposable water bottles and consider environmentally-friendly ways to stay hydrated.

Mathalicious: Timber

In this lesson, student use cylinder volume to determine how the amount of wood in a tree changes as it grows and discuss how communities around the world can harvest (or not harvest) wood in a sustainable way.

Mathalicious: Belly of the Beast

In this lesson, students model the bodies of different sharks using cylinders, and explore how the volume of a cylinder changes when its dimensions change.

Mathalicious: Pony Up

In this lesson students calculate the total volume of the cylinders in different engines and relate volume to horsepower.

youcubed: Unraveling Circles (K-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

We use cylinders and circles around the house all the time like cans, tortillas, and rolls of paper towels, but what secrets do these shapes hold if we unravel them?

But Why?: How Does An Engine Work?
But Why?

We learn about chainsaws from Ashleigh Belrose, an instructor the Center for Technology in Essex, Vermont.