Living Well During COVID-19
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Teaching K-12 Science and Engineering During a Crisis
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine

Teaching Science During the COVID-19 Pandemic aims to describe what high quality science and engineering education can look like in a time of great uncertainty and to support practitioners as they work toward their goals.

SciShow Psych: What Social Distancing Actually Is & What it Means for Mental Health
SciShow Psych

Social distancing is a time-honored, low-tech tool for slowing the spread of contagious pathogens.

DNA Decoded: Breaking the Chain — Viral Transmission
DNA Decoded

After learning to identify the structure of viruses and understand how this structure relates to cellular infection, students will create a 3-D model of the COVID-19 virus and suggest structural changes.

But Why?: Vaccines, Masks and Handwashing - A Coronavirus Update
But Why?

Dr. Krutika Kuppalli, assistant clinical professor of infectious diseases at the Medical University of South Carolina, returns to answer questions about the things we can do to keep ourselves and those around us safe. And we’ll learn about what vaccines are, how they’re developed and the accelerated process for developing a coronavirus vaccine.

But Why?: Explaining Coronavirus To Kids, And The Science Of Soap
But Why?

We’re answering questions about the virus with infectious disease doctor Krutika Kuppalli, who studies global pandemics. And chemistry professor Palli Thordarson, from the University of New South Wales on the science of why washing your hands with plain old soap and water is so effective against germs.

Science Rules! Coronavirus: With 4 Million Currently Infected, How to Give Safe Thanks
Science Rules!

Atul Gawande helps us dig through the latest coronavirus news including vaccine trial results, mask mandates, and how to manage risks over the holidays.

Science Rules! Science Stands Up to Politics
Science Rules!

This year Science has published an unprecedented series of scathing articles by editor in chief Holden Thorp criticizing President Trump’s handling of the dual crises of COVID-19 and climate change. It’s finally time for science to join the fight.

Science Rules! Coronavirus: A Vaccine Maker Gets Personal
Science Rules!

We get a look inside the mind of Tal Zaks, the Chief Medical Officer at Moderna, as the company develops and tests what it hopes will become the first successful vaccine against the coronavirus.

Science Rules! Coronavirus: Killing Covid-19 at the Speed of (UV) Light
Science Rules!

Dr. Karl Linden explains how ultraviolet light can be used to destroy the coronavirus as if by magic — but it’s not magic, it’s science!