California Academy of Sciences: A Science Notebook Story - Investigating Compost
California Academy of Sciences

Anoushka Takla’s fourth graders seek to answer the question: “What happens to our trash over time?”

California Academy of Sciences: Compost - A Scientific Investigation
California Academy of Sciences

In this two-part inquiry-based activity, students will practice using the scientific method while learning about decomposition, exploring how some types of garbage will decompose while others will not. Students can then go on to design their own experiment to test different variables affecting the rate of decomposition.

California Academy of Sciences: Reducing San Francisco's Landfill Waste
California Academy of Sciences

In this lesson, students learn about decomposition and landfills, and learn how to sort their trash into the appropriate bin.

Environmental Protection Agency: Composting At Home
Environmental Protection Agency

Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow.