Steve Spangler Science: Water Twist
Steve Spangler Science

Experience cohesion, hydrogen bonds, and the polarity of water molecules first hand with this hands-on science experiment

Steve Spangler Science: Wrapper Worm
Steve Spangler Science

A crinkled straw wrapper becomes a growing worm… just add water!

Steve Spangler Science: Stuck Like Glue (Air Pressure Trick)
Steve Spangler Science

Simple air pressure difference is all the glue you need to lift a plate with a jar.

Steve Spangler Science: Traveling Water
Steve Spangler Science

Adhesion, cohesion, and gravity combine talents to move water from cup to cup.

Steve Spangler Science: Mysterious Water Suspension
Steve Spangler Science

Learn how to keep water from flowing through a screen.

Steve Spangler Science: Color Changing Carnation Flowers
Steve Spangler Science

Where does the water really go when a plant is watered?

Steve Spangler Science: Amazing Square Bubble
Steve Spangler Science

Soap bubbles are always a perfect sphere unless you help them take on a different shape.

Raising Dragons: Straw Wrapper Worms Experiment
Raising Dragons

For this simple activity, all you need is a straw with a wrapper and some water.