DK Find Out! Electricity

Facts on batteries, circuits, conductors and insulators, electric animals, generating electricity, lightning, neon lights, and static electricity!

Steve Spangler Science: Ice-Tray Battery
Steve Spangler Science

A real, working battery made from ordinary, household items powers an LED light right in your kitchen.

Steve Spangler Science: LED Throwies
Steve Spangler Science

Get wired with science dedicated to currents, circuits, and electricity.

Steve Spangler Science: Human Circuit – Conductors and Insulators
Steve Spangler Science

Holding hands in a circle has never been this electric!

Steve Spangler Science: Build a Light Bulb (Circuits)
Steve Spangler Science

Create a battery-powered light bulb from household items

Steve Spangler Science: Electric Pickle
Steve Spangler Science

The amazing electric pickle!

Khan Academy: AP®︎/College Physics 2
Khan Academy

AP®︎/College Physics 2 · Course summary: Fluids. Thermodynamics, Electric charge, field, and potential, Circuits, Magnetic forces, magnetic fields, and more.