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Go Noodle How To! Make Ice Cream
Go Noodle

How to make ice cream in a bag!

Jessie Rack: Science will Save the World - We've Got Chemistry! (Acid and Base Experiment)
Jessie Rack (University of Arizona)

Today we are exploring the wonderful world of chemistry with an acid-base experiment.

Khan Academy: Chemistry Library
Khan Academy

Here you can browse chemistry videos, articles, and exercises by topic. We keep the library up-to-date, so you may find new or improved material here over time.

AsapSCIENCE: The Periodic Table Song

A song to help you learn all the elements in the Periodic Table.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Homemade Bath Bombs
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: Use chemistry to make relaxing bath bombs!  

Cabin Fever Science: Edible Snot
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the quarantine home lab – Zoe and the Cabin Fever Science crew teach you how to make edible snot using things you already have around the house.

Cabin Fever Science: Lava Lamp!
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the homelab – LAVA LAMP!

Cabin Fever Science: Ice Cream!
Cabin Fever Science

Science can be so many things! Try the tastiest science experiment ever!

Cabin Fever Science: Exploding Bag!
Cabin Fever Science

Did you know that you can make a plastic bag EXPLODE mixing simple things that you already have in your house?!

Cabin Fever Science: Wash Your Hands!
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the NYC homelab – WASH YOUR HANDS! is a one minute science experiment where Zoe demonstrates the power of, you guessed it, SOAP!