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Arizona Science Center: Vinegar Volcano
Arizona Science Center

This classic science experiment can help demonstrate a simple chemical reaction.

Steve Spangler Science: Colorful Coins
Steve Spangler Science

Change the color of those dimes or nickels you have using a simple chemical reaction.

Steve Spangler Science: Light Sticks – Liquid Light
Steve Spangler Science

Just give the light stick a snap and a shake and watch the glow.

Steve Spangler Science: Magic Color Changing Flower
Steve Spangler Science

Magically turn a white flower pink with a spray from a color-changing liquid. It’s colorful chemistry at its finest.

Steve Spangler Science: Taco Sauce Penny Cleaner
Steve Spangler Science

It’s one of those things you hear about but wonder if it’s true. Can you use taco sauce to clean the tarnish off of a penny?

Steve Spangler Science: Naked Eggs
Steve Spangler Science

Which came first, the rubber egg or the rubber chicken?

Arizona Science Center: Chem Rocket
Arizona Science Center

Explore an acid and base chemical reaction through this exciting science experiment.

Arizona Science Center: Dancing Milk
Arizona Science Center

Chemistry is found everywhere, including in your kitchen!

Arizona Science Center: Hydrogen Peroxide Volcano
Arizona Science Center

This volcano is more reactive than a standard vinegar and baking soda volcano.

But Why?: Why Is Fire Orange?
But Why?

Philadelphia firefighter Lisa Desamour says a healthy curiosity about fire is a good thing, and kids should feel comfortable asking questions. But they also need to know basic fire safety.