Carnegie STEM Girls: Aerospace Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Have you ever wanted to tell your friends that you know “rocket science”?

Carnegie STEM Girls: Materials Scientist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Materials Scientists are similar to materials engineers.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Astrophysicist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Astrophysicists research things that sometimes make up the plot of a sci-fi film!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Physicist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Physicists study properties of matter and energy.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Biophysicist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Biophysicists use the principles of physics and chemistry to better understand living things and biological processes.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Sally Ride
Carnegie STEM Girls

After answering an advertisement in the Stanford University newspaper, Ride was selected to join the space program in 1978.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Marie Curie
Carnegie STEM Girls

Marie is most famous for her research on radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the only woman to win in two fields (physics and chemistry), and the only person to win in multiple sciences!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Lise Meitner
Carnegie STEM Girls

Lise was inspired by her teacher, physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, and went on to study physics and become the second woman to receive a doctoral degree in physics at the University of Vienna in 1905.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Chien-Shiung Wu
Carnegie STEM Girls

Chien is known as the “First Lady of Physics”!

Ologies: Cosmology (THE UNIVERSE) with Katie Mack

Astrophysicist and cosmologist Katie Mack (@astrokatie) joins to tell us her most embarrassing moments as a cosmologist, to debunk some physicist myths and give the nuts + bolts of everything form particle physics to gravitational waves and existential mysteries.