STEM Pro Live! with a Freeport-McMoran Analytical Chemist
Maricopa County School Superintendent

During this STEM Pro Live!, your class will meet Malyree Harper, an analytical chemist for Freeport-McMoRan who helps test samples from all around the world to find out what minerals are in them and in what quantities.

StarTalk: The Cosmic Chemistry of Cosmetics

Join Neil and co-host Lynne Koplitz as they dive into an industry that is built on the foundation of humanity’s desire to look young—and have great hair.

OLogy: Meet the OLogist - Mandë Holford
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Find out why Alice in Wonderland is Mandë’s favorite poison story.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Chemical Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Chemical engineers can do pretty much anything…really.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Materials Scientist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Materials Scientists are similar to materials engineers.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Biophysicist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Biophysicists use the principles of physics and chemistry to better understand living things and biological processes.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Chemist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Chemists have careers that are anything but “Bohr-ing!”

Carnegie STEM Girls: Biochemist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Biochemists study chemical processes in living organisms.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Marie Curie
Carnegie STEM Girls

Marie is most famous for her research on radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the only woman to win in two fields (physics and chemistry), and the only person to win in multiple sciences!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Lise Meitner
Carnegie STEM Girls

Lise was inspired by her teacher, physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, and went on to study physics and become the second woman to receive a doctoral degree in physics at the University of Vienna in 1905.

Science Rules! Natalie Portman Is Keeping Science in the Family
Science Rules!

We discuss Natalie Portman’s early research in chemistry and psychology, her environmental activism, and her strategies to keep her kids’ curiosity alive during the pandemic.

Ologies: Anthropodermic Biocodicology (HUMAN LEATHER BOOKS) with Megan Rosenbloom & Dr. Daniel Kirby

Anthropodermic bibliopegy is a long, fancy way of saying “HUMAN SKIN BOOKS” and the study of confirming or debunking them is … Anthropodermic Biocodicology.