StarTalk: NASA and Nichelle Nichols

Through her ground-breaking role as Star Trek’s Chief Communications Officer Lt. Uhura, Nichelle Nichols became a passionate advocate to get women and minorities involved in real-world space exploration.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Cosmologist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Cosmologists want to know how everything began! 

Carnegie STEM Girls: Astrophysicist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Astrophysicists research things that sometimes make up the plot of a sci-fi film!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Astronaut
Carnegie STEM Girls

Astronauts are really far out! As professional space travelers, they are the commanders, pilots, and crew members of spacecrafts.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Astrobiologist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Astrobiologists are searching for life in far-out places!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Sally Ride
Carnegie STEM Girls

After answering an advertisement in the Stanford University newspaper, Ride was selected to join the space program in 1978.