Steve Spangler Science: How to Make a CO2 Sandwich
Steve Spangler Science

Mom always warned us never to play with our food… but no one said that the wrappers were off limits.

Steve Spangler Science: Pop Rocks Expander (Candy Science)
Steve Spangler Science

Mixing Pop Rocks and soda let’s you discover the secret behind the famous popping candy.

Brains On! The Future of Fuel and the Problem With Exhaust
Brains On!

In this episode, we’re answering a question from listener Katelynn: “Why is car exhaust bad for the planet?”

OLogy: Rising CO2
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Explore the connections between technology, population and rising atmospheric CO2.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Magic Balloon
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: Create a balloon that inflates on its own!

Flash Forward: EARTH - The Cement Ban
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where we try to break up with cement. Can it be done?

The Adaptors: How We Measure the Earth Breathing
The Adaptors

Reporter Jeff Delviscio investigates how we measure CO2 in the atmosphere.

Short Wave: Farming Releases Carbon From The Earth's Soil Into The Air. Can We Put It Back?
Short Wave (NPR)

NPR food and agriculture correspondent Dan Charles explains how regenerative agriculture works and why the idea is having a moment.

California Academy of Sciences: Modeling Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
California Academy of Sciences

In this kinesthetic model, students will learn that plants need carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight to carry out photosynthesis.

California Academy of Sciences: Ocean Acidification Mock Conference
California Academy of Sciences

What is ocean acidification, and who is affected by it? In this ocean acidification mock conference, your students will practice arguing a stance on the issue from a particular stakeholder’s perspective.