Explore.org: Bison Watering Hole (Grasslands National Park, Canada)

This camera is located near a natural spring along Grasslands National Park’s Ecotour road in the west block near Val Marie, Saskatchewan.

National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - People of the Plains
National Park Service

The Plains Indians around the area of Fort Larned were nomads who lived by hunting for their meat and gathering plants from the prairie.

Ologies: Bisonology (BUFFALO) with various bisonologists

In this special episode, you get 4x the usual number of ologists as we talk to archeologist Dr. Ken Cannon, wildlife biologist Dr. Dan McNulty, Alie’s cousin Boyd and his wife Lila Evans, of the Blackfeet Tribe, who are bison ranchers based in Northern Montana.

National Wildlife Federation: How Many Bison?
National Wildlife Federation

Students use a standard sampling technique to determine a bison population.

National Wildlife Federation: Bison Mystery Box
National Wildlife Federation

Students will investigate the many uses of bison in Native American culture.