SciGirls Connect: Asombrosos Arboles | Terrific Trees
SciGirls Connect

SciGirls in Puerto Rico explore the benefits that big trees bring to their ecosystem.

National Wildlife Federation: Pond Life
National Wildlife Federation

Students will research freshwater biomes of ponds and lakes and conduct experiments to understand pond life, food webs and the impact of human influences on ponds.

National Wildlife Federation: Habitat Web
National Wildlife Federation

Participants explore the web of connections among living and non-living things.

National Wildlife Federation: Pollinator's Journey (Grades 9 - 12)
National Wildlife Federation

Students will perform a role play about a threatened migratory pollinator that will deepen their understanding and stewardship of pollinator species and their interdependence on their ecosystem to survive.

National Wildlife Federation: The Arctic Environment
National Wildlife Federation

Background information on the Arctic, including its ecosystems and animals.