DK Find Out! Insects

From beautiful butterflies to buzzing mosquitoes, insects are the most successful animals on Earth.

Pest World for Kids: Beetles
Pest World for Kids

There are 12,000 different kinds of beetles in the United States and over 300,000 species in the world.

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Four - Alarm Fire Ants, Good Beetle, Bad Beetle, and Step Right...
Pest World for Kids

Four-alarm fire ants, good beetle bad beetle and step right up to the tiniest show on Earth!

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Beetle Body Basics, How to Flea-Proof Fido, and the Ant That's ...
Pest World for Kids

Beetle body basics, how to flea-proof Fido and the ant that’s not really an ant!

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Centipedes vs Millipedes, She Worked Hard for the Colony, and P...
Pest World for Kids

Centipedes vs. millipedes, she worked hard for the colony and powder post beetle blues!

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Fancy Beetles, Tasty Hornets, and a Goose on the Loose!
Pest World for Kids

Fancy beetles, tasty hornets and a goose on the loose!

Pest World for Kids: What Makes Lightning Bugs Glow?
Pest World for Kids

One of the most magical things about summer is seeing fireflies light up the backyard at night underneath the emerging stars.

Short Wave: This Is Not A Typo - One In Four Animals Known To Science Is A Beetle
Short Wave (NPR)

NPR science correspondent Nell Greenfieldboyce had to know more when she recently heard this mind-bending fact for the first time: a quarter of all known animal species are beetles.

Short Wave: Invasive Species - We Asked, You Answered
Short Wave (NPR)

We wanted to hear about the invasives where you live.