DK Find Out! Insects

From beautiful butterflies to buzzing mosquitoes, insects are the most successful animals on Earth.

Pest World for Kids: Bees
Pest World for Kids

There are about 20,000 different species of bees in the world.

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Why are Mice a Menace, the Three Bees and Zombie Lunch
Pest World for Kids

Why are mice a menace, the three bees and zombie lunch

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Honey, What's for Dinner, G'dday Cuz, and There's Always Room f...
Pest World for Kids

Honey, what’s for dinner, g’dday cuz and there’s always room for dessert!

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Muddy Bugs, Busy Bees, and Skilled Scorpions!
Pest World for Kids

Muddy bugs, busy bees and skilled scorpions!

Arizona Science Center: Bee Buzzer
Arizona Science Center

Spring and summer mean warmer weather, and lots of sounds in the air!

Brains On! Secrets
Brains On!

If you look a little closer, listen a little harder, you’ll notice the secret life of things all around you.

OLogy: Carly's Adventures In Wasp Land
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Follow Carly’s comic book adventures in Wasp Land.

Tohono Chul @ Home: Home Sweet Home Activity
Tohono Chul

Can you connect each “bee” with its home?

SciShow Kids: Like Fruit? Thank a Bee!
SciShow Kids

You might enjoy a delicious peach or slice of watermelon this summer, and it’s largely in thanks to our pollinating friends: the BEES!

Bee Culture Magazine: How Bees See and Why It Matters
Bee Culture Magazine

Scientists consider bees to be a keystone species. They are so important to an ecosystem that it will collapse without them.

It's Okay To Be Smart: How Bees Can See the Invisible
It's Okay To Be Smart

We’re all thawing out from winter’s chill, and for bees and flowers this season is about one thing: Feeding and fertilizing.