DK Find Out! Rodents

Almost 50 percent of the mammal species in the world are rodents.

Crash Course Kids: Big Changes in the Big Forest - Episode 38.2
Crash Course Kids

What do beavers, termites, and prairie dogs have in common?

BBC Earth: Beaver Lodge Construction Squad
BBC Earth

The American beaver’s ability to nibble wood demonstrates the stunning adaptability of these amazing mammals.

PBS: How Beavers Build Dams | Leave it to Beavers

“Leave it to Beavers” on NATURE tells the story of beavers in North America — their history, their near extinction, and their current comeback as modern day eco-heroes.

National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online -
National Park Service

Despite the harshness of the desert, wildlife is well adapted to living here. This virtual ranger activity will share some of the cool adaptations of Canyonlands National Park’s wildlife.

But Why?: But Why Live - Bats and Beavers
But Why?

But Why is doing live radio shows during the spring of 2020, taking live questions from kids all over the country. On May 8th, we talked about bats and beavers!