Raptor Resource Project: Bald Eagle Versus Peregrine Falcon
Raptor Resource Project

Students will observe and understand similarities and differences between Bald eagles and Peregrine falcons and summarize their findings in an organized way or via a classroom presentation.

Raptor Resource Project: What’s On The Menu?
Raptor Resource Project

Students will study the diet of bald eagles at the Decorah North Nest.

Raptor Resource Project: Nest Shapes and Nest Building
Raptor Resource Project

The teacher and class will observe that Bald Eagles build their nests in 4 different geometric solids.

Raptor Resource Project: What Do Animals Do All Day?
Raptor Resource Project

Students will learn how researchers use ethograms to draw conclusions about animal behavior and create their own ethograms based on activities in a Bald Eagle nest.

Raptor Resource Project: Crop? Crop! Organ Systems
Raptor Resource Project

Middle school students will learn about the digestive systems of Bald Eagles and compare/contrast them with human digestive systems.

Raptor Resource Project: From Egg To Fledgling
Raptor Resource Project

Students will read blogs and books and look at photos of eaglets in various developmental stages to learn about the changes an eagle goes through as it moves from hatch to fledge. 

Conservation Connect: Bald Eagle
Conservation Connect

Join Chelsea McKinney on one of our first episodes at the National Conservation Training Center to visit our Bald Eagle Nest and learn how we can use online remote cameras to study the United States’ national bird.

Holiday House: When Grandfather Flew
Holiday House

In this moving evocation of love and loss by a Newbery Medalist, a grieving boy remembers his grandfather by thinking of the hobby they shared.