DK Find Out! Math

Learn about numbers, geometry, fractions, multiplication, averages, and other math concepts.

DK Find Out! Averages

An average is a single number that represents the “middle value” of all the numbers in a list or set.

Crash Course: Statistics #4 - Measures of Central Tendency
Crash Course

Today we’re going to talk about measures of central tendency – those are the numbers that tend to hang out in the middle of our data: the mean, the median, and mode.

Mathalicious: Nothing But Net

Think LeBron is the best scorer on the floor? Think again.

Real World Math: Exploratory Lessons - Whale Watch
Real World Math

Data Analysis may not be the most enthralling topic for math students but perhaps this real world situation will draw their interest. 

Iluminations: Averages and The Phantom Tollbooth
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Using The Phantom Tollbooth as a literature basis, students explore the concept of averages.