Steve Spangler Science: Dancing Spaghetti
Steve Spangler Science

Wiggling and jiggling noodles can teach valuable lessons about density.

Steve Spangler Science: Floating Bowling Balls
Steve Spangler Science

The bowling ball science experiment that has everyone wondering.

Lowell Observatory Camps for Kids (LOCKS): Archimedes' Principle
Lowell Observatory

Learn to measure density and solve the mystery of the gold crown like Archimedes.

Raising Dragons: Dancing Grapes Science Experiment
Raising Dragons

This Dancing Grapes Science Experiment is one of the coolest science experiments we’ve seen and it’s SO SIMPLE to set up not to mention its not messy and the kids can eat the grapes when the experiment is over! 

Raising Dragons: Cork Floating On Water Experiment
Raising Dragons

For this experiment Nate tries to get the cork to float in the center of the glass but it always moves to the edge.