Science News for Students: New Risk From Too Much Screentime
Science News for Students

Teens — and everyone else, it seems — spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting, a new survey finds

SciShow Psych: Why Is It So Hard to Remember Things Right Now?
SciShow Psych

If you feel like you’ve been more forgetful than normal recently, you’re definitely not alone.

SciShow Psych: Why Do Depression and Anxiety Go Together?
SciShow Psych

Even though depression and anxiety are different types of disorders, they tend to go together. But why can it happen?

Outside Podcast: Can You Outrun Anxiety?

In this conversation with Sarah Bowen Shea, the host of Another Mother Runner podcast, and professional endurance athlete Yuri Hauswald, Arnold talks about her new memoir, Running Home, and the unique healing power of endurance sports.

Science Vs: Pets on Planes - Are Emotional Support Animals Legit?
Science Vs

We talk to psychologist Prof. Hal Herzog to find out if science has anything to say on whether these pets should fly high or be grounded.

Science Vs: Magic Mushrooms - Trip Through the Science
Science Vs

How can taking a trip on psychedelics fix your brain?

Science Rules! Coronavirus: Why Your Anxiety is Normal
Science Rules!

Queensland University of Technology mental health researcher Dr Olivia Fisher explains what’s really driving the anxiety we’re feeling through the pandemic, and how to respond to it.