Steve Spangler Science: Gaviscon Worms – The Science of Antacids
Steve Spangler Science

Demonstrate the science behind Gaviscon as it works to create a polymer barrier between the oesophagus and excess acid in the stomach.

Steve Spangler Science: Color Changing Milk of Magnesia
Steve Spangler Science

How Antacids Work in Your Stomach

Steve Spangler Science: Back to School Science That Sticks
Steve Spangler Science

Engage students with visual learning that they’ll never forget

Steve Spangler Science: Volcano Eruptions with Soda
Steve Spangler Science

All erupting volcanoes can be modeled using some pretty simple items.

Arizona Science Center: The Rainbow In A Bottle Reaction
Arizona Science Center

Can you make your very own rainbow in a bottle?

Arizona Science Center: DIY Lava Lamp
Arizona Science Center

Experience the mesmerizing feel of watching a lava lamp, with its large colored bubbles sinking, rising, and morphing.

Raising Dragons: DIY Lava Lamp
Raising Dragons

This DIY lava lamp science experiment is so simple to make and will amaze everyone!