SciShow Psych: Engrams - Where Your Brain Keeps Memories
SciShow Psych

A memory isn’t stored in your brain in a neat little package, but is instead spread across a pattern of cells in different regions.

SciShow Psych: What Does Gum Disease Have to Do With Alzheimer's?
SciShow Psych

Regular brushing and flossing might not just keep your mouth in good shape—they might also be good for your brain.

SciShow Psych: We Totally Missed a Different Kind of Dementia for Decades
SciShow Psych

A key part of treating a disorder, is identifying what it’s not. It turns out what we thought was one form of dementia may be multiple problems.

Short Wave: One More Step Toward Solving The Sleep & Alzheimer's Puzzle
Short Wave (NPR)

We know that people with Alzheimer’s often have sleep problems. But does it work the other way? Do problems with sleep set the stage for this degenerative brain disease?