Discovery Education: Virtual Field Trip - Tech for Tomorrow (Silicon Valley)
Discovery Education

This Virtual Field Trip will provide students with an all-access pass to The Tech Interactive’s most exciting exhibits AND a road trip to one of the most famous sites in California: Silicon Valley.

Outside Podcast: What AI Hears in the Rainforest

Topher White founded the nonprofit Rainforest Connection with the intent of creating a low-cost monitor that could help remote communities in their efforts to halt illegal logging, which is an enormous threat to tropical habitats.

Flash Forward: Reputationville
Flash Forward

What would it be like if we lived in a world where everything you do is subject to a rating dolled out by a combination of machines and other people?

Flash Forward: CRIME - Can You Sue An Algorithm?
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where algorithms can be put on trial.

Flash Forward: Double Trouble
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where we all have digital replicas of ourselves to deploy at faculty meetings, doctors appointments, and even dates. 

Science Rules!
Science Rules!

Ashley Llorens, Chief of the Intelligent Systems Center at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, joins us to talk about intelligence of the human-type and the machine-type, and what it will take for machines to get up to speed.

Science Rules! Are We Living in a Simulation?
Science Rules!

Combining consciousness and technology leaves us with some big questions.