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youcubed: Dice Games (K-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

This activity allows students to develop their number fluency and connect visuals with sums.

youcubed: Maths + Cooking (all ages)
youcubed (Stanford University)

One of my favorite things to do with and for my family is cook.

youcubed: Sidewalk Chalk Designs (K-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

Connecting art and math this activity can be fun for the whole family!

youcubed: Three Block Towers (K-8)
youcubed (Stanford University)

In this activity students investigate the combinations of ways they can make a tower with three different colored blocks.

youcubed: Math Cards (3-6)
youcubed (Stanford University)

In this activity we use the familiar structure of cards, but we have moved the emphasis to number sense and the understanding of multiplication without any time constraints.

youcubed: Count on me (K-2)
youcubed (Stanford University)

We had originally designed this activity for the younger members of the family, but we know counting on fingers is for everyone (you can read more about it here!), so we have some questions that can make this task interesting for anyone.

youcubed: What’s Going On Outside Your Window? (K-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

This activity encourages students of all ages to take a deeper look at a familiar view: right outside their window.

youcubed: Foot Parade (K-2)
youcubed (Stanford University)

Students use animals to model different ways to make a total by adding the number of feet in their parade.

youcubed: How Close To 100? (2-8)
youcubed (Stanford University)

In this activity, students develop their number sense and number fluency.

youcubed: Fewest squares (3-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

Students draw an 11×13 grid and try to find the fewest number of squares they can use to cover it without overlap or extending outside the grid.

youcubed: Feet Under The Table (K-2)
youcubed (Stanford University)

While sitting around the table, ask your student to figure out how many feet are under the table without looking.

youcubed: Leo The Rabbit (3-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

This problem asks how many ways can a bunny called Leo can hop up 10 steps but, perhaps surprisingly, there is much to explore in this question!

youcubed: Pick up leaves (K-3)
youcubed (Stanford University)

You can take a stroll through your neighborhood or a park (maintaining social distance!) and pick up leaves along the way, then sort and count them while you’re out or back at home.

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