Tucson Audubon Society: Macro to Micro–Photography with Bridge Cameras

Good photos do not need to be taken with a $10,000 camera setup.

Disposable cameras can take some of the most artistic photos possible, at the same level of intricacy as a DSLR. Using a point and shoot is my happy medium, and the capabilities never cease to impress. Salamanders posed on logs, flowers growing on the forest floor, birds perched in trees, soaring on thermals, or foraging on the ground are all common sights through my viewfinder. The secrets to micro to macro point-and-shoot photography are waiting to be shared.

Simon Tolzmann Bio:
16-year-old birder and naturalist in Chicago, IL. At age two I turned the TV on to a PBS documentary about Cuttlefish and got hooked on nature. For the next 11 years I became obsessed with all things prehistoric, and for the last 5 years have had my sights set on all living things. I did a Cook County Big year in 2020, and saw 283 species of birds, breaking the old record by two. In 2021 I am doing an iNaturalist Big Year, meaning I am trying to document as many species of living things as possible, and have them peer-reviewed. I am at 1,441 species currently and hope to be at 3,000 by the year’s end.


Presenter: Simon Tolzmann
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Jan 19 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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