The University of Arizona: Bark Beetles – Management and Control in Arizona Webinar

University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Gila County presents: Garden and Country Extension Webinar Series. A Zoom webinar (60-minutes or less) featuring a variety of horticultural and natural resource topics relevant to the environmental conditions and residential concerns of Gila County, Arizona.

Featured Topic: Bark Beetles: Management and Control in Arizona Webinar

Featured Speaker: Christopher Jones, Extension Agent, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Gila County. Chris Jones is a Cooperative Extension Agent at the University of Arizona. He is responsible for Agriculture and Natural Resources programs in Gila County. He conducts Extension programming in forest health, watershed, and horticulture education. Chris’ mission at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension is to Improve lives, families, communities, the environment and economies through applied research and education in Arizona and beyond.

Webinar Overview: Best prevention practices for protecting conifer trees from bark beetle attack are thinning, irrigating, slash and firewood management and insecticide treatments. Lower stand densities and thinning can improve tree growth and vigor and promote greater plant diversity. Supplemental irrigation can reduce drought stress when practical for high value landscape trees. Fresh forest slash and firewood should be managed to minimize bark beetle habitat that may lead to increased localized beetle populations. Registered insecticides can be sprayed onto to trunks to prevent beetle entry. Injection of systemic insecticides and anti-aggregating pheromones are being researched and may have targeted applicability.

Webinar Facilitator: Chris Jones, Extension Agent, University of Arizona Gila County Cooperative Extension Zoom


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County or Indian Reservation: Gila

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Christopher Jones
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Dec 02 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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