Phoenix Public Library: Computer Basics – Keyboarding & Mousing

In today’s world, so much of what we do has become heavily computer based: from communicating with family far away, to shopping online, finding information, and even looking for work. These classes will help prepare you to use computers in your daily life, or as you prepare to enter the workforce.

Our Computer Basics series is designed to help build the basic skills needed to use a computer confidently and comfortably – whether you are just starting to use computers, or whether you need some additional practice to really feel confident in your use.

This is our Mousing and Keyboarding class – these are the most basic skills needed to use a computer confidently. as they are the method in which you control the computer and tell it what to do. In this class we will review the design of the mouse and keyboard, explore the features and tools at your disposal, and make sure you have time to practice using what we’ve learned.

Unless posted, this program is held every week at this time.

  • Audience: Adult
  • Genre: Technology & Computer Science
  • Type: Workshop

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Nov 01 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



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Phoenix Public Library - Ocotillo Library
102 W. Southern Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85041​​


Phoenix Public Library
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