Legend Springs Elementary School: STEAM Night 2023


Our annual Legend Springs STEAM Night will be in it’s 6th year.

This is a family/school community event where students, community partners, and vendors come together to showcase STEAM! Classrooms from every grade level will be open and there will be student projects on dsplay and/or interactive STEM experiences made by the students. Our Art teachers lines all of the hallways, top to bottom with student art work for our Gallery Walk. Our Music teacher puts on a concert in our Courtyard after the event. Our STEM teacher has student STEM projects on display and for demonstration.

Community partners and vendors set up booths (all STEM related) and we have food trucks too!

This is always a fun and exciting event for our school community.



Legend Springs Elementary School

21150 N Arrowhead Loop Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308




Arizona SciTech Festival Season is here! We hope to see you in many of the Festival’s events all over Arizona. Check out the calendar!

  • Audience: Adult, Teen, Youth
  • Genre: STEM/STEAM
  • Type: Expo/Festival


Apr 20 2023


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm




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