Arizona Science Center: Australia’s Great Wild North

Far Northern Australia is a land of extremes.

Huge bushfires ravage the ancient landscape in the dry season and the world’s biggest thunderstorms bring torrential rain and flooding in the wet season. These almost Jurassic conditions have created some of the richest wetlands on Earth as a result.The coast, rivers and waterholes are haunted by sharks. The plains are guarded by territorial buffalo and venomous snakes, but the apex predator here is a living dinosaur: the Saltwater Crocodile. They have been on the planet in almost identical form for 200 million years—even surviving the meteor strike that wiped out the rest of the dinosaurs.

Showtimes: 12 PM, 1 PM, and 2 PM

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Apr 24 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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