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November 25, 2019
@ 8:00 am
- 5:00 pm

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November 25, 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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NFL Alumni Pro Day Experience

Thanks for your interest in bringing your students on a field trip to participate in our unique educational
events. Our program curriculum emphasizes technology, STEAM education, Esports, values of teamwork,
Esports and career opportunities. It is designed specifically for high school students.

NFL Alumni PRO DAY EXPERIENCE is not a football camp nor an athletic event. It is an educational field
trip that begins at your school and the students return to your school following the 3+ hour event that
includes lunch for your students and staff. It is free for the students and at zero charge to your school.

We utilize the popularity of the NFL logo, working alongside professional athletes, and leading edge
technology partners plus the strength of our educational partners to attract high schools to participate in
our “field trips” promoting education and future opportunities to teenage students disguised as fun.

These field trips are an excellent way to expose high school students to a local college/university campus
while providing a unique experiential event introducing them to new technologies, career opportunities
and the value of teamwork. We aim to show these girls and boys to opportunities they might not have
otherwise known about or considered. By having the students engage directly with a variety of technology
experts and diverse professionals, we want to empower them expand the horizon of their future.

Check out the informational website including the 2020 field trip schedule across America at this link:

Handling all the details, our operations team coordinate everything and run an extremely organized event
making this easy for your school leadership. Once we schedule it on the calendar the event is totally labor
free with the only responsibility of the high school is providing chaperoned transportation to the local
collegiate campus. We aim to establish a WIN-WIN-WIN dynamic….
• Positive experience for the students
• Great opportunity from the high school educator’s perspective
• Excellent exposure for the collegiate host to have prospective students touring campus
• Allowing the NFL Alumni to strengthen the image of former professional football players and
coaches as mentors, educators and positive leaders in our communities.
• Exposure to new technologies and future opportunities for the students
• Students receive backpacks and other “SWAG” along with a chance to win significant prizes!

We have a 12-city/campus series of events from coast to coast. With limited space available your school
will need to commit to one of the sessions scheduled on your spring semester calendar as soon as
possible. The target audience is 1,000 high schoolers maximum in each city with the students divided into
groups from the 500 students per day over the two days on campus. The students flow in small groups
from the various TECHNOLOGY – TEAMWORK – CAREER stations plus eat lunch and an Awards Ceremony.

The previous PRO DAY Experience events garnered tremendously positive reviews from all concerned. The
2018 exit poll conducted by our educational partner Microsoft showed that 98% of the students would
like to experience the event again. Our 2019 events garnered equally positive responses with high schools
lining up for future PRO DAY Experience events and universities/colleges wanting to host again!

Once your school verbally agrees to a date to bring students to the local event, we will then send a simple
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to confirm the schedule and reinforce the expectations. We
provide outstanding insurance coverage with a specific rider covering your students, the university, as
well as, all involved. We require signed parental permission slips (electronically or signed PDF form). It is
structured as a high school field trip for comfortable control of the students attending. We work to be
extremely inclusive approaching all demographics to bring excellent diversity providing a quality
opportunity for all students. We welcome all and encourage underserved schools to bring their students.

Event breakdown:
• Students come to campus by bus from their respective high schools as a field trip
• Welcome session to begin the program and an Awards session to finish the day
• 3+hour session rotating students in smaller groups: TECHNOLOGY – TEAMWORK – CAREER stations
• Official school field trip – the program INCLUDES LUNCH for your students & staff
• Our Esports partners share opportunities for scholarships for higher education
• Hosted by a local college or university. We encourage campus tours:
o We positively promote collegiate opportunities to students that might not have
entertained going to college plus other options for other career choices
o On-campus exposure for academically motivated college bound students
• Our military partners share teamwork stations and expose students to different options
• Students we encourage student engagement and participation:
o Working alongside directly engaging our NFL Alumni “mentors”
o Engage in questions/answers session with our diverse panel of professionals
o Learn about new technologies and “STEM + STEAM” opportunities
o Experience teamwork stations lead by our military men and women
• We have zero financial commitments from the high school + free to students
• This WIN-WIN scenario is an excellent opportunity to impress these students with new
• 2020 DATES for your school would be from our programs scheduled for January 9th and 10th at ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY as seen on the SCHEDULE Section of our website.

For more information or to schedule a field trip please contact: Deneen Young @ (612) 388-5277
This unique educational event is a tremendously positive “on campus” experience at no cost to your
students. And no additional charge to your school. As mentioned above for safety we request chaperoned
transportation for the students to the campus with signed parental/guardian permission slips.
We aim to engage students, reinforce communication with teamwork, lower barriers to entry, elevate
their goals and encourage pursuit of their dreams!