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Explore.org: Donkey Barn (Service Dog Project)

Welcome to the donkey barn, a safe haven for a number of rescued donkeys and miniature horses.

Explore.org: Squam Lakes Fox Den (Squam Lakes Natural Science Center)

A family of wild Red Foxes has raised kits in a den on the campus of the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, New Hampshire for several years.

Explore.org: Puppy Whelping Room (Warrior Canine Connection)

The whelping room inside WCC’s Puppy Enrichment Center is where our future service dogs spend their first few weeks with their mother.

Biosphere 2 Virtual Tour
Biosphere 2

The Biosphere 2 Virtual Tour takes advantage of Google’s enhanced “Street View” technology which allows you to get a first-hand view of your destination using only a web browser and your mouse.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park Webcams
Smithsonian National Zoo

Welcome to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Animal Cams, where you can watch cheetah cubs, naked mole-rats, lions, giant pandas, and elephants!

Explore.org: Great Danes Outdoor Kennel (Service Dog Project)

This live cam provides a view of the Service Dog Project’s outdoor kennel area, where future service dogs play with each other and the guests who come to visit.

University of Arizona: Mount Graham International Observatory
The University of Arizona

These webcams provide a view of the sky conditions as well as the amount of precipitation that might be present.

Houston Zoo Webcams
Houston Zoo

Tune in to the Houston Zoo Webcams and enjoy a live look at animals that call the Houston Zoo home!

Explore.org: Nursery (Warrior Canine Connection)

When the puppies are 3-4 weeks old, they start spending part of their day and their nights inside this room with their mother where they will be introduced to new toys, textures, sounds and litter boxes.

San Diego Zoo Live Cams
San Diego Zoo

Watch numerous live cams of different animals all throughout the San Diego Zoo!

Explore.org: Great Danes Puppy Hill (Service Dog Project)

The puppy hill cam at the Service Dog Project in Massachusetts shows an outside view of the kennels where Great Dane puppies are trained to support people with disabilities.

Phoenix Zoo: Exploring Desert Animals
Phoenix Zoo

Students will choose two videos that focus on different exhibits of the Arizona Trail at the Phoenix Zoo.  After observing two different animals’ students will begin to understand how animals use resources to grow and survive.  

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