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Pest World for Kids: Bat Treat Cup
Pest World for Kids

You only need a tin can and some household supplies like paper plates and paint to make a Bat Treat Cup to fill with spooky treats.

Pest World for Kids: Crawling Caterpillars
Pest World for Kids

Make your very own caterpillar come alive with this Crawling Caterpillar craft.

Raising da Vinci: Easy Rainbow Science Activities for Elementary Age
Raising da Vinci

Rainbows are beautiful and in my experience young children LOVE all the bright colors.

Steve Spangler Science: World's Simplest Motor, Vol. 1
Steve Spangler Science

This is the world’s simplest electric motor and building it requires some patience on your part.

Steve Spangler Science: Better Than Glue Slime – It’s Shaker Slime
Steve Spangler Science

BETTER THAN GLUE SLIME, the best slime is made when it’s shaken… not stirred!

Steve Spangler Science: Burping Bottle
Steve Spangler Science

We’ve all had to belch, before. Did you know that bottles can get a bit gassy, too?

Steve Spangler Science: Floating Water
Steve Spangler Science

Turn the glass over and nothing spills.

Steve Spangler Science: Drag Racing Cups
Steve Spangler Science

Finish your coffee and use this fun and simple experiment to create an awesome racer!

Steve Spangler Science: CD Hovercraft
Steve Spangler Science

Here’s a miniature, homemade version of a hovercraft that rides on a very thin cushion of air.

Steve Spangler Science: Diving Ketchup
Steve Spangler Science

Is it mind control or just a clever science trick?

Steve Spangler Science: Do Not Open Bottle
Steve Spangler Science

Create the ultimate prank with a 1-liter bottle and water.

Steve Spangler Science: Growing and Shrinking Marshmallows
Steve Spangler Science

Vacuum packing Peeps marshmallows is an incredible (and delicious) demonstration of air!

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